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Self-Study Dutch helps you learn Dutch and Flemish

As a language teacher, translator and eternal language learner, I’ve always dreamed of one day creating my own Dutch course. Now is that day. Gradually I will add new materials to this website and create a valuable resource that will support your self-study. Self-studying isn’t always easy, but I sincerely hope you will enjoy studying with me.

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

Frank Smith

Currently the number of materials is limited …

This is a one-person project, so unfortunately it will take some time to develop everything. But more will come in the future, promised! Currently I am working on thematic vocabulary cards and grammar lessons. Curious? Check out below!

Thematic vocabulary

Start remembering vocabulary with these visual vocabulary cards.
Find new cards every Monday and Friday.

70 – Christmas

Learn how to talk about Christmas in Dutch with this thematic vocabulary card.

69 – Sinterklaas

Learn how to talk about Sinterklaas in Dutch with this thematic vocabulary card.

68 – Halloween II

Learn how to talk about Halloween in Dutch with this thematic vocabulary card.


Level 1 – The basics

Lesson 1 – Hello, thank you, how are you, sorry
> Let’s study

Lesson 2 – Yes and No
> Let’s study

Lesson 3 – Introduce Yourself
> Let’s study

Follow and engage with me on social media, so that I know what materials you are interested in. And of course to stay updated as soon as new materials are being published!

About Self-Study Dutch

Self-Study Dutch is a small, yet very ambitious project to support learners of Dutch and Flemish. Through interaction, easy-to-follow materials and a plethora of exercises, it hopes to make self-studying fun.

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Send me a mail or get in touch with me on Twitter. I am happy to learn what you think of this project and what materials you would like to see added.

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